Hotel Dar Ammar: Your Home Away From Home!

Dive into modern comfort and explore a realm of enchanting experiences.

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Dar Ammar and El Jem Amphitheater

Ever thought about escaping to soak in the magnificence of the El Jem Amphitheatre or losing yourself in this charming corner of the world? Bet you’d want to stay a few days. But hey, the million-dollar question: where’s your comfy hideaway gonna be?

Got that itch to break free, but ending up let down by those other vacay spots? You’re all about making every second count with pure magic, right? But hey, why hasn’t that perfect place popped up yet?

Say hello to Hotel Dar Ammar! Your own secret spell for the ultimate getaway. Think modern rooms overlooking olive trees, plates full of yum, and a cozy family vibe. Yep, it’s the mix for turning your trip into stories that stick.

Kick Back and Unwind

Chill out in our AC-cool rooms, jazzed up with wooden charm. We’ve got all the extras – minibar, satellite LCD TV, Wi-Fi that’s faster than a shooting star. Open that balcony door, let the olive tree forest views take over. And oh, our private bathrooms? Total comfort zone – a snazzy shower, hairdryer on point, and freebies to pamper you silly. Time to kick back and soak it all in!

Family Suite in Dar Ammar

Family Suite

Dive into the coziness of our Family Suite, where modern comfort gets cozy.

Modern Room in Dar Ammar

Modern Room

Set off on a journey in our Modern Room, where comfy meets captivating vibes.

Family Suite in Dar Ammar
Restaurant of Dar Ammar

Treat Your Taste Buds

Get ready to tantalize those taste buds! Our restaurant’s a flavor-packed haven where Tunisian treasures meet global delights. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – we’re all about treating your taste buds right, 24/7. Let’s eat! 

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey!

Hang Loose at Our Cafeteria

Step into our Cafeteria and let the good vibes enchant you! Every sip’s a flavor fiesta that’ll wake up those senses and whisk you away on a taste adventure. Dive into awesome drinks, soak in moments of chillaxation – our Cafeteria’s all about magic for your taste buds. Cheers to unforgettable sips!

Cafeteria of Dar Ammar
Garden of Dar Ammar

Unwind in our Garden as the kids have a blast!

Our petite paradise garden is where family magic happens! Parents get their zen on, soaking up the calm while kiddos run wild with laughter. It’s the spot to weave enchanting family stories, right in the heart of our dreamy garden.

Treasure Hunt: Artisanal Finds Await

Ready to dive into local magic at our Artisanal Shopping Center? It’s a treasure trove of handcrafted goodies, made with oodles of love by super talented artisans. From corner to corner, authentic souvenirs are waiting to snag your heart – perfect pieces of El Jem’s essence to take back home. Go on, explore and uncover your next cherished keepsake!

Artisanal Shopping Center of Dar Ammar

Craft Moments That Stay Forever!

What our Satisified Residents Say About Us!

Dar Ammar surpassed all my expectations! The staff was incredibly helpful, and the owner went above and beyond, personally picking me up from the center when I needed assistance. The property itself is absolutely stunning, it offers spacious rooms that are immaculately clean and well-organized. The dining experience was simply amazing. Everything about my stay was perfect!


(from Australia, said it on

Sensational location! We were enamored by the serene surroundings, falling in love with it to the point that we extended our stay. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with well-appointed balconies offering a perfect retreat. The efficient air conditioning and invigorating, powerful shower added to the remarkable experience.



(from New Zealand, said it on

Superb experience! Our one-night stay at Dar Ammar was delightful. The friendly staff and lovely room made us feel at home. Even the language barrier couldn’t stop the waiter from brightening our morning with jokes during breakfast. We would gladly return here, as it offers excellent value for money.



(from United Kingdom, said it on

Why Choose Us?

  • 24/7 Friendly Support

    We've got your back, always! Our rockstar team's all about making your stay smooth and oh-so-enjoyable. You're in good hands, buddy!

  • Free Parking

    Park it right here, hassle-free! Our free parking's got your back, making your travel plans a breeze and your mind oh-so-relaxed. Safe travels, pal!

  • Safe Environment

    We've got your back on safety! Our top-notch security creates an environment that's second to none, so you can kick back and relax with peace of mind. Your safety's our mission!

  • Clean Environment

    Welcome to a world of spotless serenity! We're all about top-notch cleanliness, ensuring your comfort is our priority. Get ready to relax in a pristine paradise!

Reception of Dar Ammar

You Have Questions? We Have the Answers!

No sea view, but no worries! Our ElJem spot is cocooned by stunning olive tree forests, giving you a peaceful and captivating canvas to soak in. Embrace nature’s beauty and let the tranquility of our surroundings work its magic on you.

Nope, no pool just yet, but guess what? We’re making a splash soon! Our pool’s in the works. Get ready for splashes, relaxation, and some serious poolside fun, coming soon!

No elevators, no sweat! Our super-friendly crew’s got your back. While we don’t have an elevator, our awesome team will gladly help with your bags and make sure you’re comfy as can be. Get ready for a hassle-free stay!

No gym or play zone yet, but guess what? We’re in the game! We’re crafting a stadium that’s going to be your ultimate fun zone. Get ready to amp up the energy with exciting sports and activities – all coming your way soon. Let’s get the good times rolling!

Paws down, pets aren’t checking in this time. While we adore furry friends, our space is currently pet-free to ensure a serene and clean atmosphere for everyone. Thanks for understanding as we aim for a cozy and hygienic stay for all.

Absolutely! We love hosting events that make memories. In summer, our grounds come alive with wedding celebrations, and we’ve had the pleasure of organizing various events for kids and parents alike. From the “Summer Mousse Party” with DJ ALA to magical shows, Balboul’s “Twins Animation,” lively kindergarten gatherings, and so much more – our space has seen its fair share of unforgettable moments!

Immerse in Memories That Leave a Mark!

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